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Students from all over the world need real-time communication with other students, professors and teaching assistants. Slack is the preferred method. Sign into one Slack Workspace to communicate with your classmates! 

Our Goal: Have one centralized Workspace for all students to gain help in any class, share thoughts about any class and have one place where students, professors, teaching assistants and tutors can thrive.

If you have Slack, you can Sign Into Slack

INVITE LINK: If you want to invite other students, give them this link:
(please note: URL is case-sensitive)

Select your platform to download and install the Slack app:


Launch Slack from a web browser

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We are currently looking for students/volunteers to:

1. Help send the INVITE link to other classmates
2.Help create new Slack channels
3. Moderate channels

If interested, click the CONTACT US tab above.


  1. First, login to Slack

  2. Then click on Channels

  3. Type school acronym with the underscore to see all channels for your school

  4. If you don’t see your school or class channel, create one! Make sure that you use the correct naming convention.
    Example: If you go to Arizona State University and your class is Math 266, then create a channel called asu_mat_266.

Give them this link!
(Please note: URL is case-sensitive)

Chances are, you use Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, Piazza or some other type of class communication. Post that link there!

Yes! We have installed Zoom into slack. Just type /zoom and press enter. Slack will create a Zoom video conference that you can host and other students can join. You can even bookmark the Zoom URL that is created to have a dedicated Zoom meeting students can join at any time.

Study With Slack